Dennis Martinez
Hi, I'm Dennis Martinez, a full-stack web developer based out of Osaka, Japan.

Projects I've Worked On

Here are a few things I've built in my spare time.

Airport Gap

Airport Gap is a Rails application to help others improve their API automation testing skills. It uses basic RESTful API functionality to help others learn about APIs and testing them.

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Shinkoku is a single page app built using React to fetch and display current critical items from the WaniKani API to help identify trouble spots when studying Japanese Kanji using their service.

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WaniKani to Anki

WaniKani to Anki Exporter is a small website that allows you to easily fetch data from a WaniKani account and generate a file that can be imported into an Anki deck.

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Articles I've Written

I occasionally write articles for Dev Tester, a blog created to help bridge the gap between testers and developers.

Creating End-To-End API Tests Effortlessly with APId

APId is a simple yet powerful tool for writing full end-to-end API tests. Learn how to use APId for your project.

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3 Ways to Successfully Transition Testers to Agile

The transition to agile methodologies can be rough on testers. Here are a couple of ways to make the change easier.

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How Do You Know Test Automation Isn't Working?

Fix some of the most common automated testing issues with this collection of articles from Dev Tester.

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