Hi, I'm Dennis Martinez, a software developer who creates technology products to help your business.

What kind of work have I done?

Everyone has problems that need fixing. Here are a few real-world scenarios I have worked on to help my clients achieve their business goals.
Save time and money by decreasing software testing time

A team developing a web application was experiencing an increasing amount of bugs deployed to production. It also took their QA engineers almost two weeks to complete a full regression testing cycle, hampering their efforts.


I implemented end-to-end testing to automate the most time-consuming testing scenarios. I also integrated these tests with a continuous integration service to create a testing pipeline that automatically ran these tests and alerted the team of any issues.


These efforts cut down the amount of time spent in regression testing by half and significantly decreased the number of regressions found before reaching the hands of their customers.

Boost sales with better search functionality

One of the largest sources of stock video footage had a few issues with their existing search functionality. Search results were slow and often inaccurate, leading to missed sales.


I helped improve their search architecture by using a search engine that better served their needs. Using this new search engine allowed me to improve their underlying code for fetching results, and adding additional search options to narrow down the results.


The new search engine reduced query times by nearly 10x in some scenarios, and returned more relevant results. Sales of stock footage increased by 25%.

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Tools of the trade

These are some of the skills I have successfully leveraged throughout my career.
  • Over 12 years of professional experience working on Ruby on Rails applications.
  • Over 5 years of professional experience working on React applications.
  • Proficient with best testing practices for unit tests, end-to-end integration tests, accessibility tests, and more.
  • Experienced with testing libraries and frameworks for Ruby and Javascript like RSpec, Jest, Testcafe, Cypress, and more.
  • Experienced with databases, search engines and memory stores like PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, and more.
  • Knowledgeable with Linux server administration other DevOps related tasks like continuous integration systems, Docker, and Heroku.

If you're looking for a specific skill not on this list, please send me a message and we can discuss further.

About me

I'm a software developer with over 15 years of professional experience building technology products. I currently live in Osaka, Japan, where for the past five years I have worked remotely with other teams across the globe.

Most of my recent experience is working on web applications across different industries like ecommerce and non-profit organizations. I cover most of the entire development cycle, from developing a product to deploying it successfully to the hands of your customers.

Let's talk

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