DevOps Contracting and Consulting

Hire an experienced DevOps consultant to help you evaluate and manage your critical software infrastructure.

Getting the proper infrastructure set up for your company is crucial, especially for early-stage startups. Get your systems working effectively and efficiently so you can focus on delivering world-class products.

You must ensure your products work well now and keep up with your fast-growing pace as you scale. But it's more complex than spinning up a few servers and calling it a day.

Your organization might be wasting tons of money on resources that better suit your current needs. Your existing setup might not scale as effortlessly as you think as your product grows with your team. You might need a clearer picture of how your applications behave with your existing systems to prevent bottlenecks and poor performance that will drive your customers away.

Your team should spend their time focused on building the best possible product for your company. They shouldn't have to worry about their infrastructure.

Having the right architecture that serves your current needs while making it easy to grow when necessary is one of the most essential pieces of the overall software development lifecycle. As an AWS Certified DevOps Engineer and a HashiCorp Certified Terraform Associate, I can help make sure you're setting up your cloud-based architecture right and making the most out of it.

Some of the services I provide are helping you migrate existing systems into AWS, assisting with cost assessment of your existing cloud-based services, building and maintaining your architecture through Terraform, and leveraging tools like Docker and Kubernetes for scalability.

Have an experienced engineer come in to build and implement the right solution for your applications. Once you have the appropriate pieces in place, your infrastructure will seamlessly integrate with your existing processes to allow your team to do their best work and deliver products that will work great.

How it works

Step 1: Schedule a meeting
1. Schedule a meeting

We'll have an initial chat about your startup, your applications, and your existing DevOps processes.

Step 2: Come up with a plan
2. Come up with a plan

Together, we'll figure out how to optimize your existing infrastructure to work best for your needs.

Step 3: Get up and running
3. Get up and running

I'll work with your team to build a robust and cost-effective architecture that will let you focus on delivering value, not your servers.

Meet Dennis

As a freelancer and consultant, I work with tech startups across the globe to help them build effective, high-quality software. It's my mission to help these companies get their idea off the ground quickly and in the right way for the long haul.

For over 19 years, I've worked with startups and small organizations across the globe to help them successfully build effective, high-quality software. My experience comes from working with early-stage companies in New York City and San Francisco and remotely with dozens across the globe.

My main areas of focus are full-stack web development, test automation, and DevOps. I love sharing my thoughts and expertise around test automation on my blog, Dev Tester, and have written a book on the same topic.

Dennis Martinez - Photo

What others say about working with me

    • We've benefited a lot from Dennis's skill and expertise in backend development, DevOps, automated testing, and CI/CD. Dennis is not only reliable, he handles challenges with a mix of rational problem-solving and big-picture thinking. He's recommended solutions and chosen technology that fits our context and needs as a startup. His eye for process and detail is to be envied and has become the gold standard for members of our development team.

      Allen W.
      Co-Founder @ Sollective K.K
    • Dennis is one of those guys who can do just about anything. We worked together on a pretty tricky port of a Rails/Ember.js app from Heroku to being able to run standalone in Docker and he solved all of the difficult parts. Hire him as quickly as possible.

      Jay G.
      Ecor Rouge
    • Dennis was extremely generous in sharing his knowledge and genuinely wanted to help us out. He looked at our situation and within hours was able to tell us why what we were trying to do wasn't working, what needed to be fixed, and gave us alternative solutions if we wanted to change course. Dennis provided exactly the type of expert guidance we desperately needed.

      Cindy W.
      Senior Technical Business Analyst @ Onsite Rental Group
    • Over the years, Dennis has been easy to work with, always patient to explain what he was doing, and was very dependable on results. He went the extra yard to find a solution which kept our application up and running, plus ensured we can continue to do so without interruption into the future. I highly recommend Dennis, without reservation, for any development job, big or small. He is great to work with!

      Richard Halpern
      Founder @ EcoApprentice

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