Automated Testing Pipeline Setup

Hire an experienced test automation engineer to set up the optimal automated testing pipeline for you.

A poorly set up test automation pipeline could cost your company time and money. Make sure your automated tests are allowing your team to deliver high-quality products faster than ever.

If your organization doesn't have an automated testing pipeline, you're putting your entire team at a considerable disadvantage. They're likely not testing your applications as much as they should, leading to your customer support team getting bombarded by angry customers due to bugs in your systems.

Even if your organization already has an automated testing pipeline running, it might work less efficiently than you hoped it would. Instead of speeding up the software development process, it's actually slowing everyone down due to unoptimized settings, flaky tests, and bugs still landing in the hands of your customers due to false positives.

Whether you don't have an automated testing pipeline in place or have one causing your team pain instead of helping, these situations cost your company tons of money and lost productivity.

A well-placed automated testing pipeline should work for you instead of against you. It should make software development faster and more effective, allowing your team to deliver high-quality products that your organization's customers love using.

I can help set up continuous integration services that fit your needs, like CircleCI, GitHub Actions, AWS CodePipeline, or Azure Pipelines. You can leverage reporting tools like ReportPortal to keep track of your testing pipeline over time. You can also enhance your existing automated tests with third-party tools like BrowserStack.

My experience in test automation will support your development team in their work while not getting their way. Have an expert come in to build and implement the right pipeline for you so your team can focus on what they do best.

Your provided services include the following:
  • Minimum of 10 hours working together with your team to implement an automated testing pipeline that suits your current needs.
  • Complete documentation of work done so your team can easily maintain the implemented pipeline and continue to improve.
  • A monthly check-in with your team to verify how the pipeline is working for your organization (up to 6 months).

How it works

Step 1: Schedule a meeting
1. Schedule a meeting

We'll have an initial call to discuss where your team is struggling with its automated testing processes.

Step 2: Develop the right plan
2. Develop the right plan

Together, we'll devise a plan to implement an automated testing pipeline optimized for your needs.

Step 3: Get your pipeline built
3. Get your pipeline built

I'll work together with your team to develop and set up the pipeline that will work for you instead of against you.

Meet Dennis

As a freelancer and consultant, I work with tech startups across the globe to help them build effective, high-quality software. It's my mission to help these companies get their idea off the ground quickly and in the right way for the long haul.

For over 19 years, I've worked with startups and small organizations across the globe to help them successfully build effective, high-quality software. My experience comes from working with early-stage companies in New York City and San Francisco and remotely with dozens across the globe.

My main areas of focus are full-stack web development, test automation, and DevOps. I love sharing my thoughts and expertise around test automation on my blog, Dev Tester, and have written a book on the same topic.

Dennis Martinez - Photo

What others say about working with me

  • Over the years I have worked with Dennis on a variety of custom software projects, across the full stack of backend and front end applications, for a number of different clients. In every scenario, he is one of the best software engineers on our teams in terms of pragmatic problem solving, consistent communication, and on-time delivery of the needed solutions. I cannot recommend Dennis highly enough for anyone considering to bring him on their project or team.

    Randy Burgess
    VP of Technology @ MPI Media Group
  • We've benefited a lot from Dennis's skill and expertise in backend development, DevOps, automated testing, and CI/CD. Dennis is not only reliable, he handles challenges with a mix of rational problem-solving and big-picture thinking. He's recommended solutions and chosen technology that fits our context and needs as a startup. His eye for process and detail is to be envied and has become the gold standard for members of our development team.

    Allen W.
    Co-Founder @ Sollective K.K.

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